So here’s me. No makeup. No shower. Feeling gross from putting together studio cables after taking out the trash and doing the dishes. You know … the life of an artist working at home.

Well, it was pure goodness when I turned on my composing rig and my old song was ready to go! I expected I’d have to spend hours hooking up music libraries again, finding lost fades and eq’s. But no … so, I’m back to finishing building this website so I have a proper channel and home on the intrawebs for my content.

And, yes, I’m nervous. But, I’ve been nervous before. I mean, I’ve never made a podcast before. I’ve done plenty of other things, but not that.

I’m channeling Gary Vee, who recommends a production flow of documentation vs trying to produce highly planned and conceptual shit so you can get the ball rolling!

I’m trying to get out of my head, and make stuff. I have so much content in my head, partially completed, and even completed, that I’ve let sit on shelves lie for-ev-er. This includes some short films, new art, film scripts, poems, flash fiction, yadda yadda.

So here’s me with a teaser for The XO Show Podcast, by MOI.

It’ll be full of weirdness, stories, music, neurodiversity, funnies, books old and new, the love of books and the love of sleep. And whatever the hell else I think is interesting.

If we share our truths (and weirdness) with the world, it makes it easier for others to share their truths. And the more truth out there, the better.




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