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Darby Bailey’s mission:


I am passionate about exploring the world through story and song, health and fitness, researching my obsessions and reporting back in various formats … to entertain … to delight … and to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us.

VIDEO: Indio Dusk with Icelandic Horses0:48

Fan stop uno: for #singsongs, news, vids and more.

Pics and vids: it's my Instagram world!

Documenting dreams with multiple video streams.

Some of my writing, in longer form.

Ideas for my #SleepingBard Books & all the things I love.

Snappy snappy, inside jokes and stories.

My professional profile and business world.

I twitch #NerdWorkouts, randomly.

I tweet, therefore, I am. I love connecting here.

My favorite things at Amazon.

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