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Portfolio & Projects



(Ink illustrations and acrylics held in various private collections)

  • Salt Lake Film Society MAST 2019 Photographic Finalist – “Friends of the Street”
  • Red Butte Press Book Art Showcase, Book Art and Lithograph 2014
  • Antiochracy Quarterly, column (Ink Art Graphic Poems) 2009-2012
  • Artistic Uprising, Los Angeles, CA (Ink Art Graphic Poems) 2010, 2008
  • A Night To Remember, Venice, CA (Ink Art Graphic Poems) 2010
  • Two Hawks Quarterly Online Literary Journal (Poetry, Mixed Genre) 2000


  • Children’s Book and Illustrations – Purple Paw and Blue Paw
  • YA Book – Science Fiction Adventure Multimedia and Hypermedia Project
  • Spa Explorer TV – Adventure Travel, Spas and Hot Springs, Water Science and Conservation, Culture, Food and the Wild.

For music and production work samples and portfolio, please click here

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