A creative gal that has a taste for the obscure and weird, for my own work anyway, I’ve been collecting all my past work to refocus and start making movies as a female filmmaker.

They might be short, they might be long, and they might be experimental films… like this one:

I’ll be honest, I’ve made a few films that at the time of making were dear to my heart, scary to communicate, and I eventually left them locked in a dark place, never to be shown.

Well, this is one of them. Let your creativity and artistic work see the light of day! For the friends I’ve shown this to that get it, they know I was on-point with the sponsored advertising that would eventually be known as ‘influencer’ advertising.

In my weird, quirky, hand made paper and marker way… I created a story that I’m coming back to that is resonating right now… and matches my love and obsession of story, character, and books.

I’m giving my old pre-MBA self props for thinking outside the box back then. Especially after 4 years of finance and crunchy business world thinking. I’ll be taking this reader-writer-experimenter thinking with me as I launch my online bookstore and sleepstore Sleeping Bard.

Experiment with your damn self. And, let it see the light of day. It’ll either end up burning a regretful hole somewhere in your soul, or like me, luckily, it’ll come back to life in a new and other form.

Vive Art! Vive Creation! Vive Independent Artists!


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