Yeas ago, I had a crew of creative women that met weekly with our mentor, Sharon Kagan, in Santa Monica. We’d work on art and support each other. It was a blessing, and I miss it.

The end result of this for me, was a surprise. What I was trying to draw I don’t even remember. But my ‘Better off Dead‘ journal scribbles turned into larger scale Sumi-ink art pieces.

The end result of that? A regular spot in an Antioch University Los Angeles weekly print mag, and an appearance at Mandrake Bar in Venice, where I actually sold something. For a first-timer… that was surreal.

I’ve since sold more, drawn some more… and I thought I’d show one of my weird drawings here:

It embodies my inner child, and what I didn’t know was an undiagnosed Asperger’s Girl (more on that, much more, for later posts).

Be wild. Be you. Draw shit. Create. Keep creating. Then… create more.

xo Darby



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