On my long winding journey of a creative career, I’ve written various types of songs and tunes. There was a time when I wondered where my outlet would be to publish the quirky and one of a kind tunes that would bubble up out of my music soul.

Eventually I found success with companies like Taxi and Broadjam, and signed with other music publishers to get some film and television placements. (I own my own publishing company, but that story is for another day).

As a proud ASCAP member for over a decade now, it’s one of the best feelings in life to get a residual statement, even if it’s only for $20 bucks… to see your music was placed on a TV show, or in a film… Some of these tunes haven’t ever been placed, but every creation helps lead the way to more creation.

Like a friend told me last weekend, “When we create, we collaborate… with the spirits and energies of creation that exist everywhere around us, living or dead.

I’d like to think my creative energy is tied somehow to others like me that have come and gone before. I know I get hopeful energy reading about women like Laurie Anderson, Eithne Pádraigín Ní Bhraonáin, Diane Warren, Imogean Heap… and so many others.

They keep creating, and composing, and being their unabashed selves, and it’s my hope to do the same, and let the little tunes find the light of day (or night).


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